This is an opportunity for you as a postgraduate student to be part of an initiative that may see your thesis available on the Internet in electronic format.

By delivering an electronic copy of your thesis now, in addition to the required printed version, you may in future enjoy benefits such as wider access to your work by a larger audience and better integration of your research with the broader stream of knowledge in your discipline. In this manner you will be advancing Stellenbosch University’s commitment to research of international quality.

Any electronic format will be accepted, however, to enable a search function in your thesis it would be appreciated if you would deliver your thesis in the programme format in which it has been created (e.g. MS-Word, Latech, or a combination of different programmes). Please state in your covering letter which programme and which version of it you have used. Then mail the thesis to (please note the spelling).

If the document is too large to e-mail you may deliver or send it on magnetic or laser disk to:
Mr John Dovey
JS Gericke Library, Rm1027D
University of Stellenbosch
Private Bag X1

Please ensure that your full contact details are included.

Read the Xhosa version here

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