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Koshuisliga interim results now up!

This page has been designed to keep interested parties up to date in the affairs of the USSV.

Interim Results

For the koshuisliga interim results, click here.

Boards and Sets

We have purchased 50 boards and sets. Representatives are please to get hold of the chairman by email to arrange collecting sets for your residence.

The New Draw

There is a NEW new draw (sorry about this) for the Koshuisliga. The reason for this new draw is because some residences handed forms in after the first draw had been made. Please get a copy of the new draw (in the Koshuisliga section). You will note that the draw for the first round remains the same

First and Second Round Matches - Problems associated

There was plenty of confusion in the Stellenbosch Chess Community over the first few weeks of this term. Information, schedules and letters were placed in the mail boxes of all the HKs. These messages eventually filtered down to the representatives. To make matters worse, the contact information for the residence representatives was corrupted (the diskette died) and the committee was unable to contact the representatives. Please be understanding if your opponents were not ready for you (or did not pitch etc...).

Updates were then made, what with the withdrawing of teams and the addition of other teams. Please ensure that you have the most up to date list - as we would like to sort these problems out as soon as possible.

Representatives Meeting

A meeting was held for the residence representatives on Thursday 22 March 2001. At this meeting the rules of the koshuisliga were updated. To link directly to this page click here.

Thursday Nights

Hold thumbs... we are still trying to make contact with the folks running the Regter van Zijl hall. Expect action soon. For those interested, come to the bottom floor of the Neelsie on Thursday nights and play some games. Equipment and opponents will be provided.