Who are we?

The Bible Talks is the Student Church of St. Paul's Evangelical Church in Stellenbosch.

The presence of the University of Stellenbosch in close proximity to the church provides us with the strategic opportunity and responsibility of reaching students with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. To this end we are committed to proclaiming the Word of God correctly, clearly and courageously, and so to evangelise unbelievers and to encourage and equip believers.

 See the Snapshots page for brief reports on our activities.


TBT student church ministry team:

Doug Wannenburgh
Doug and his wife, Marike, came to know Christ at an early age through hearing and heeding the good news that Jesus is Lord and that through His death for their sin they could be forgiven and enjoy an eternal relationship with God.

They came to St. Paul's in 2003 and took up the leadership of 'The Bible Talks' (TBT) Student Church at the beginning of 2004. They have 3 children - Kyle , Luke and "Princess" Lara – the latest addition - which provide them with little sleep and loads of fun.

They consider it a joy and privilege to make Jesus known to young men and women, and enjoy the challenge of teaching, persuading and challenging students to trust and follow the Lord Jesus.

John-Paul Harper
The brains behind the Ministry Apprentice Program (MAP). A graduate of Stellenbosch University (MSc in Mathematics), he recently completed a Bachelors degree in Theology at George Whitefield College (CESA's Theological Seminary). He runs MAP, providing the opportunity for graduates to investigate full-time church ministry and hone their skills in reading, understanding and teaching the Bible.

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