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Manenberg Camps

Manenberg is a community where gangs, rape, abuse and crime are rife.  Children from Red River Primary are sponsored by the St. James Trust to attend weekend camps. TBT supplies leaders for two camps each year. All cooking and admin is arranged by the Trust. Children play games, sing, watch plays, memorize verses and listen to short Bible talks. The wordless book is taught in small groups and everyone makes beaded bracelets as a memory aid.  By the end of the weekend, the children knew all the memory verses and understood the meaning of the colours in the wordless book.

The Eastern Cape mission took place during the March 2010 holidays. A group of students went to Port Elizabeth and Port Alfred.  They ran programmes at churches and the Word of Life Sunday School in PE, and also schools, Youth meetings and Sunday services in Port Alfred.  They led Bible studies in University residences in PE.  They ran their children's programme in the Maliba township outside PE and did door-to-door evangelism there.  This was one of the most challenging times during the mission. Thank God for keeping the group safe on the road and for positive responses to the gospel.

NETWork Mission

Huis Horison

Night Shelter

We believe that we were commanded by Jesus to "go into all the world and preach the good news" (Mark 15:40). Because of that, a few students from TBT weekly give up some of their time to spend it with residents from House Horizon and tell them about God
House Horizon is a home for mentally challenged adults. The TBT students visit them every Tuesday evening and Sunday morning during church to chat about their week, sing some songs, pray and study the Bible with them. Please thank God for the work he is doing in their lives and for the committed leaders. Also pray for new leaders to be trained up and that we may all teach God's Word clearly, correctly and courageously. 

Once a week a group of students present Bible studies at the Stellenbosch Night Shelter, a place where men and women can spend the night and receive two meals. The students teach for 30-40 minutes and present a basic and simple gospel message every week, since residents usually do not stay for many weeks at a time. This ministry is especially challenging because of the massive social and educational gap between the students and residents.  Thank God for the lives that have been changed through this ministry and pray for much needed male leaders, wisdom and perseverance.

Student Bible Studies

Every Thursday evening, the students gather to study Gods word together. This is always a great time! We meet at 6:15 and share a delicious meal together, which is made for us by the ladies in the morning congregation. During this time we get catch up with friends and have some good conversations!
After the meal we then go off into our different groups where we look in detail at a specific passage in the bible.

Young Working Adults Bible Study

We started Young Workers Growth Group in 2010 to reach out to those who considered themselves as too old to be part of Student Bible Study and too young to be part of the other Bible Studies. We started off small but the group has now swelled up to 12 in size and we thank God for blessing us in this way.  We may be a diverse group of young adults but we are all united under the name of Christ.

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