Shaun de Villiers
Portfolio: Culture, Leadership development
Contact email:
Promoting and crafting a diverse cultural experience for Osler PSO students by integration into the Tygerberg neighborhood. Facilitating the developing and equipment of leaders through synergistic interaction with varies campus clusters.
Where am I from?
Born in Uitenhage, raised in the Karoo & Boland and now living in Cape Town.
About me?
Currently training as a medical doctor – 5th year.
Love hiking and outdoor living.
Enjoy jazz music and cooking.
I am a Christian.
To know me better – come visit me at the PSO office.
Why do you think you would be great as world president?
I love Pinky and the Brain – learned a lot from them.
Best night ever
A few friends and I went to the Cedarberg Mountains after writing exams. After a succulent pepper steak prepared on open fire we chilled outside with the stars as company. We solved the world’s problems that night. Later we slept in a cave.
If you were an animated character?
Asterix – not only does he have magic potion, but also a best friend that stands next to him trough thick and thin. A winning combination!
Last supper on death row?
Anything except Huis Francie’s famous Huisdans chicken!!! I would like to go in reverence. Facebook is amazing because everyone is addicted to it, but nobody admits it.
Piece of clothing you’d hate to live without?
Commando is okay, but without a rain jacket you can’t face life’s stormy weather.
Life is unfair because?
you’re missing the point. Just deal with it.
What can you offer Tygerberg pso students?
You’ll have to wait and see and answer this for yourself next year this time. Please take me up on this.
Couldn’t live without?
Hiking in nature (at least once a month) and braaivleis. And the swop-drive!
Where friends are met over a cup of coffee and live poultry found! It is also the reason why I hardly wear my white jacket in hospital – coffee stains! “Ai Poppie – wanneer kry ons beter deksels vir die koppies?”
Dr in hospital-take life over?
Emile Reid – he knows all the spots!
Person 1 on your assassination list?
Robert Mugabe. I have my reasons...
Take along on around-the-world-sailing-trip 3yrs?
A visa card – cause “visa takes you places”.
Best medical joke?
Skipping breakfast and shaving to be on time for ward rounds and then sitting around and waiting for your consultant for a few hours.
Worst medical joke?
Ask doctor Prozesky (from Internal Medicine) – he knows a lot of these!
Best/worst/unique-est pickup line?
Worst: “Would you like to go for a movie”
Best: “I forgot my cell phone in you handbag” as a comeback the following day after the movie.
Ward rounds?
I still need to learn Cape Flats - Tygerberg Hospital - English (the language the doctors speak to patients and only they understand) to fully appreciate ward rounds...