Nina Tredoux
Portfolio: Culture and JOOL/Rag
Contact email:
Summer music sessions, poetry evenings, art expo, kaas en wyn (obviously), ballets, local comedy shows… Osler PSO is responsible for the Buddy – campaign during JOOL and the rest of 2009.
Where am I from?
Northern suburbs of Cape Town
About me
I am very passionate, loyal, impractical, unrealistic, a perfectionist, friendly and idealistic.
Why do you think you would be great as world president?
I listen to what other people have to say and try to be considerate and helpful as much as I can.
Best night ever?
On 2 July 2005 in Hyde Park in London at the Live 8 concert with at least 200 000 people and the best artists in the world performing to make a difference in the world and relieve poverty in Africa and India.
If you were an animated character?
Last supper on death row?
Anything my mom cooked.
Shop you’d most want to own?
Topshop in London
Piece of clothing you couldn’t live without?
Clothing is replaceable; your life isn’t.
Life is unfair because?
Life is not necessarily unfair – it depends how you look at everything.
What can you offer Osler PSO Tygerberg students?
Everything I have to give.
Couldn’t live without?
My heart – I need blood supply man!
Biggest/best goal?
To make a significant difference in someone’s life every day and contribute something unique to this earth.
What you will be famous for?
For just being me
Dr in hospital who’s life you’d take over?
Haven’t yet had any clinical rotations in the hospital; so I can’t really say
Things you’d take on an around –the-world sailing trip (-+ 3 years)?
Good company, wine, books, music and the basic travelling gear.-
Trapped in a lift/desert island/jungle/soap opera?
A jungle, definitely!
Worst medical joke?
I don’t have a sense of humour, I’m afraid. But, Dr Vorster has more than enough medical jokes to entertain you for the rest of your medical course! Just ask him to explain what the ‘Heimlich’ manoeuvre is!
Best/worst/most unique “pick up” line?
What’s the time? Still a classic.