Nikita Hagemeijer
Portfolio: Onder-Primaria ,
                House Dance 2009 ,
                Safety and Security
Contact email:
As onderprimaria, my main function is to support the primaria and to manage the HK and their portfolios. I am dedicating myself to organise a wonderful House Dance and I am really passionate about trying to find solutions to our security issues on campus of which I have personally been a victim of.
Where am I from?
I was born in Durban, raised in Ballito but I call Oirschot, Holland my first home.
About me
This is the first time that I am on a House Committee. I have served on many previous committees before. I was first in Erica, in Stellenbosch and moved to Meerhoff. Now I will be living in Boston! I am really excited to begin this new venture and serve a great group of students.
Why do you think you would be great as world president?
Because I can spell
If you were an animated character?
I would be Belle from Beauty and the Beast- something about me having a dream of having my own library when I’m older.
Last supper on death row?
Starter: Beef carpaccio with sweet basil pesto, rocket, shaved parmesan, balsamic vinegar, cherry tomatoes and pine nuts Main: The biggest crayfish braaied with lemon and garlic butter with a side portion of fried rice and stir fried vegetables
Dessert 1: Chocolate mousse
Dessert 2: Crème Brulee
Dessert 3: Strawberry Sorbet
Dessert 4: Home made vanilla ice-cream that my aunt makes.

Followed by an aperitif of Limon Cello and a Dom Pedro

Shop I’d most want to own: ZARA or TopShop

Piece of Clothing I couldn’t live without: Jeans

Life is unfair because: it’s too short.
What can you offer Osler students:
Creativity- you know I have wacky ideas- can you handle it? Also I am a personal hairstylist, make-up artist, fashionista and artist.
Couldn’t live without:
My laptop
Biggest/Best Goal:
To be a happy and successful artist/designer with my own penthouse studio.
What will I be famous for:
Literally leaving my mark on the front steps of the Faculty of Health Sciences. If you ever get a chance soon, look out for my blood stain on the steps- you know they really should clean that up… Oh and also my OCD about being on time!!! When I am a consultant- DO NOT BE LATE!!!
Doctor in the hospital who’s life you’d like to take over:
Dr Appfelstaedt!
Person number one on your assassination list:
That’s a tough one. I can’t write it down because I might be assassinated myself- political issues. So I will have to choose someone else to assassinate.. HMMMM! Who shall it be? But of course- Whoever hiked up the TSS prices. Mwahahahahahah!
Person dead or alive you’d most like to talk to:
My grandmother
First thing you’d say to this person
I miss you