Nathaniel Naidoo
Portfolio: Treasurer,
                Media and Marketing,
                Raadgewer program
Contact email: /
Treasurer- Handling the finances for Osler and distributing the money to various portfolios. Media and marketing – Advertising the events Osler are doing via many methods. Raadgewer- Implementing and running the program for the first time for Osler and ensuring people get the emotional support they need.
Where am I from?
South Africa, Western Province, Cape Town, Monte Vista
About me
Love to meet new people and go out with my friends. I am always willing to listen to what is going to be said no matter if it is not making sense. I love watching and supporting LIVERPOOL!
Why do you think you would be great as world president?
I am indian
Best night ever?
Partying till the next morning when the sun comes up and having breakfast on the beach
If you were an animated character?
Roger rabbit
Last supper on death row?
A bottle and a SAK
Shop you’d most want to own?
Aston Martin Dealership
Piece of clothing you couldn’t live without?
Life is unfair because?
Not everybody gets what they want in life
What can you offer PSO Tygerberg students?
To ensure they have the best times of their lives in varsity and forget about the memories from high school
Couldn’t live without?
My bed, family and friends
Biggest/best goal?
To get my degree and hopefully own my own business
What you will be famous for?
Dr in hospital who’s life you’d take over?
Things you’d take on an around –the-world sailing trip (-+ 3 years)?
My best friends, alcohol and lots of cash money!
Trapped in a lift/desert island/jungle/soap opera?
In a lift with a supermodel
Worst medical joke?
All of them!
Best/worst/most unique “pick up” line?
You seem like my next girlfriend