Marvin Bailey
Portfolio: First Years, Social,
                2nd year committee,
               Osler support campaign,
                Safety and security
Contact email:
Where am I from?
Cape Town
About me
I’m always up for having a good time…
Why do you think you would be great as world president?
I look good in a suit
Best night ever?
Passions concert Velodrome 2008
If you were an animated character?
Optimus Prime
Last supper on death row?
Shop you’d most want to own?
Greddy factory shop
Piece of clothing you couldn’t live without?
Pair of Levi’s jeans
Life is unfair because?
Just when you think you’re happy…something comes along and takes it away from u
What can you offer PSO Tygerberg students?
Friendship, a good time, awesome memories and great support.
Couldn’t live without?
Biggest/best goal?
Starting my own company, become a billionaire and driving an Aston Martin
What you will be famous for?
Throwing the biggest parties
Dr in hospital who’s life you’d take over?
Things you’d take on an around –the-world sailing trip (-+ 3 years)?
Money, friends, food, booze, cellphone and charger
Trapped in a lift/desert island/jungle/soap opera?
Deserted island
Worst medical joke?
Best/worst/most unique “pick up” line?
Pick up lines don’t work