Manie Domingo
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First Years, Medics Rally, Osler's Notes
Why do you think you would be great as world president?
Because I’m “The Manie”…nuff said
Best night ever?
Don’t remember it so it must’ve been awesome
If you were an animated character?
Eric Cartman
Last supper on death row?
I can’t die so that’s irrelevant
Piece of clothing you couldn’t live without:
My left sock…and sometimes the right one as well
Life is unfair because?
There’s only one me
What can you offer PSO Tygerberg students?
My body (wink wink)
Officially the ugliest place in the world, but boy oh boy do I love it there
Biggest/best goal?
Hold the world ransom for one meeeeeeellion dollars
What you will be famous for?
Getting my face on tv for doing something ridiculously stupid
Dr in hospital who’s life you’d take over?
Prof. Irusen….c’mon, with a name like Elvis how can life not be good?
Person nr 1 on your assassination list?
Person (dead/alive) you’d most want to talk to?
First thing you’d say to the above person?
Stupid cow! *Insert right foot through her teeth*
Best medical joke?
Ouch! My spleen!
Worst medical joke?
Ouch! My spleen!
Best/worst/most unique “pick up” line?
Hi, I’m Manie. Where do you live? Let’s go there now!