Jodie Kora
Portfolio: Onder-Primaria; Portfolio manager; Community Outreach
Contact email:
As the Onder-Primaria my duties mainly consist of managing the different portfolios on the HK and working with the Prim for our launch, updating the website and community outreach.
Where am I from?
Born and raised here in Cape Town
About me
I have been a student of Osler PSO now for four years and loving living the change. I have been on the HK for two years, previously as the HK for Culture and editor of the RhaPSOdy (the old Osler’s Node).
Why do you think you would be great as world president?
I have nice hair.
If you were an animated character:
I’d be Kim Possible… Ok, I’m not white but I do have nice hair.
Last supper on death row:
Starter: Salmon California rolls & Avo Maki (extra pickled ginger, Japanese mayo and wasabi)
Main: Green Thai Chicken Curry with Jasmine Rice (from Café Mao)
            And Prishani and Sheethal’s mother’s dhal just because I love it SOOO much
Dessert: Chocolate Mousse Cake from Limnos.
Shop you’d most want to own:
Pep Stores… Seriously, they bought Stuttafords… The question is “own” not “shop at.”
Piece of clothing you couldn’t live without:
My white coat… If only for the pockets, my hospital bag is a bit of a lightweight.
Life is unfair because:
Not everyone has hair like me…
What can you offer PSO Tygerberg students?
Damn good hair advice… Look what I did for Louise Walker (sorry Lulu).
Couldn’t live without:
My Ego… It’s what keeps me motivated… I imagine I have my own Tony Robbins in my head, on call 24/7.
Biggest/best goal?
I just want to be happy. If I can’t do that, then my goal is to make everyone around me happy.
What you will be famous for?
My hair… My beautiful Feet (seriously, check them out!)…
My ego (I guarantee you won’t be disappointed)…
My OCD tendencies... I can’t walk on lines people!!
Dr in hospital who’s life you’d take over?
The one, the only, my idol… Dr Karen Baadjies.  The Woman has a presence!!! Who’s with me???
Person nr 1 on your assassination list?
Anyone who doesn’t think Dr Karen Baadjies is not the best thing since Timmy and his Level 3 evidence.
Person (dead/alive) you’d most want to talk to…
Dr Karen Baatjies… coo
First thing you’d say to the above person…
I tried this before… We had some kind of group discussion with the surgeons when we were on pathology and all I could muster was the look of a guppie… gloop gloop.