Chamendran Naidoo
Portfolio: Treasurer
Contact email:
Basically, I run an underground money-laundering and racketeering act from a little warehouse in Musgrave, Durban. I met Reinhard whilst trying to expand my investment portfolio to include a small brothel in Cape Town. He said he could use me…I obliged.
About me?
I have been able to pursue my fiscal interests under the guise of an Osler PSO ‘HK’ since 2005, being in charge of SPORT for the first two years, before my current portfolio as TREASURER. (note-Contrary to popular belief, ‘HK’ stands for Huis Komitee and not Hare Krishna! …I was equally amazed..)
Where am I from?
United States of Durban
Which school did you go to?
DHS (Durban High School) & Rondebosch Boys’ High ( Gr 11&12)
Sports(alota sports).. and politics
Preferred age?
Mine or the girls?
Pick up lines?
? I used this one for a while: Sorry, do I know you from somewhere, because I think I forgot your number.. (I never knew how corny it was at the time!)
What’s under your bed?
What’s under your bed? Half a bottle of Prozac and a 1964 Remington Steel Revolver.
How many times can you say Jacob Zuma before taking a shower?

If you find this amusing/entertaining/enjoyable, and you are in between the ages of 18 and 35, feel free to contact me on:
082 544 HOT MALE
or visit to see more..