Anisa Vahed
Portfolio: Housedance
                Media & Marketing
                Medics Rally
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Well I am responsible for organizing the new and improved OSLER PSO HOUSEDANCE 2008. There is a lot more to just planning it but its guaranteed to be one great night filled with a lot of fun. I’m also responsible of Media & Marketing which entails me helping spreading the word of all the OSLER PSO functions for the year. So be sure to see me taking photo’s of everyone.
About me
Hmmmm….what to say??? Well I’m one crazy person. I’m always the first person at a function and most probably the few being kicked out at the end. I’m a freak for planning things early and always making sure everyone is having fun. I tend to have blonde moments but my random genius moments make up for it.
Anything chocolate
I love my car, couldn’t live without it
Any bright coloured cocktails I’ll drink any day
I have my moods of not liking things, but on top of my list is Crocs.
Why do you think you would be great as world president?
Because it’s me & I look good in a suit
Best night ever?
My 21st Birthday party- hello shiny car
If you were an animated character?
Patrick- I seem to laugh at almost everything
Last supper on death row?
A nice big ice-cream sundae with a lot of chocolate on top and everything else on (but with no banana- I’m allergic)
(my car) _ is amazing because he’s so shiny, has a million buttons inside and gets me wherever I want really fast
Life is unfair because?
You cant get what you always want
What can you offer PSO Tygerberg students?
Guaranteed good time and fun for everyone
Couldn’t live without?
My cell phone
Is great for that first cup of coffee in the morning to wake us up before class
Biggest/best goal?
To be happy with all the choices I make in life
What you will be famous for?
My ever changing hairstyles and colour
Dr in hospital who’s life you’d take over?
Prof Doubell- I want my own chair!
Best medical joke?
Alan Donald & Morpheus were at the promenade AT……
Worst medical joke…
Can’t think of any because I tend to laugh at all of them including the real stupid ones (hence Patrick…)
Worst unique “pick up” line…
So when we gonna go play doctor doctor at your place?
Ward rounds?
I’m hungry!!!!!