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Osler PSO Launch
Prior to 1974, medical students were accommodated within the student residence structures on main campus.
Once the Faculty of Health Sciences came into operation, only first years interacted with PSO groups in Stellenbosch. As second years then moved to Tygerberg the need arose to give privately residing students their own identity, hence the establishment of the former Tygerberg PSO. Osler PSO has always been, and still is the largest student body on campus.In the photo above (from left to right) is Robert Kotze (former acting Student Dean), Reinhard Overmeyer (Primarius) and Prof. Ben Page (Besoekende Hoof) on the 18th of January 2008, the date of our official launch.
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The world exists for one reason and one reason only, that is to piss everyone off. Someone once said to me “the world is a screwed up place filled with screwed up people who constantly screw you over, with occasional spells of nice weather in between”. After many minutes of intense thought I came to the deafening realization that this statement might just have a leg to stand on and, in essence, could be proven more often than it could be disproved. You probably find yourself wondering at this juncture “just what exactly is Manie getting at?” And if I were to be frank I would reply “I have no cooking clue, I sort of make this up as I go along”.   More >>