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Ontwerp deur Marsunet Scholtz 2005

When we started discussing what the production would look like, the main thoughts that came to mind was Worship and Gifts.  The group had been caught up in the absolute grace of God and in a creative way we wanted people to experience a part of the blessings that God has bestowed on our ministry for the last ten years.  There and then "Gift of Eternity" saw light through the hearts and eyes of dedicated dancers.

"Gift of Eternity" is a reflection of God's gifts He blesses us with, His awesome love towards us, but also of our appreciation to God for acknowledging each individual's ministry in Oxlos.  Through the dances we want to bring ourselves before God in an act of Worship and Surrendering to His perfect will for our lives. 

We want to invite every being to become part of this "gift" and share in the awesome plan that God has for all of humanity.