Are you a young filmmaker? Do you know of anyone who is? Have you made a short movie or are you planning to? So what do you do with your film once it is made?

Here is your opportunity to get it showcased in front of all the people who matter. The Stellies is an award ceremony designed around all South Africa's aspiring young filmmakers. If you belong to a High School, University, Technikon, or any educational institution you may enter. This is not just for those people who have the money and the contacts to find themselves at film school or in the film industry, but for ANYONE.

On August 5th your film will be screened twice for the public to view it. Then, if your film is a nominee, the evening of the 6th is for you. The Stellies is going to be THE event for young filmmakers in South Africa. Last Year (2001) the Stellies was experimented with, but only opened to members of Matie Productions, and after a very successful run, it was decided this year to take it national.

The Stellies is going to be an event to be reckoned with. It will be glitzy and glamorous, mixed with a local feel of Stellenbosch. You will be required to dress up, and if you are a nominee or VIP, will get to mix with influential people in the film and TV industry. We are trying to get as many TV and Film industry professionals to attend as possible so that your film may be showcased to the right people.

For more information please contact Camilla.