Our Story

Early in 2000, the founder of Matie Productions, Andrew Faure, who himself has a passion for the film industry decided to start a society at the University of Stellenbosch that could offer a release for anyone interested in the field of film. It soon became a reality and with the help of the University, some kind SRC memebers, and some good friends, it wasn’t long before Matie Productions was borne. 2000 was a year where a lot of time was spent experimenting, trying out ideas, and basically getting the society up and running. In our first year we had over 100 members, of which we probably had about 30% active members. But that is all we really needed in our first year.

2001 dawned, and a whole new pace of work ensued for Matie Productions. We took over Matie TV, for one. This expanded Matie Productions options as the possibility of an on-campus TV station opened itself up to us. We started working on this and it wasn’t long before we got many interested members wanting to be involved in the making of Matie TV, or the provisional new title TV-M. We also started the planning for the first annual Matie Productions Stellenbosch Film Awards (Stellies) event, which was held on the 29th of August 2001. We started the Matie Productions film making competition and opened it to members of the society. We have so far made one short movie, another is still in the editing phase, and are working on a host of scripts for the 2002 Stellies.

But Matie Productions history is still very much in the making.