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The Imp Press grew out of the student society of the English department of the University of Stellenbosch. Legend has it that the society started in 1986, but it only became an official student society by registering with the SRC in 1999. Every student taking a course in English at the University is automatically a member, but membership is open to students who enjoy literature - generally in English - even if your appreciation doesn't extend beyond Monty Python. We usually have about 1200 members from the department and about 50 non-English students in our ranks.

So what is it that people who purportedly enjoy literature do in this society? In the words of our esteemed former Chair, Fiona:

"The broad theme of our activities is literature, in all its shapes and colours, and the emphasis is on spreading an enjoyment of it, and making it more accessible."

Well, it's either that or eating free pizza and drinking free wine. We hold several events during the year, including

         the infamous Medieval Feast

         regular Writer's Group meetings

         trips to the theatre in Cape Town

         theme evenings (like Fantasy, Bad Poetry, Pop Culture....)

Most of our activities are somehow represented on these web pages, so take a look. Then join us, or send us email at But bear in mind that the site is new and under continuous construction, so we apologise for inaccuracies and downright untruths; it will be improved over the near term.

For those masochists among us, feel free to look at the Imp Press constitution. Bear in mind they're English students, not lawyers.




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