Yes so the website is over. The wait and numerous countdown posts have finally come to an end. Thanks to everyone that sent in articles to be published and we hope to receive more from you so that we keep the site interesting and going. If you friends become stagnant so does the site, let’s be innovative and get those ideas rolling. We are the first National Society on campus to have a website so yeah kudos to us!

Your feedback as the users of the site is of much significance; drop in comments and suggestions to improve our site in our inbox or the ZimSoc Facebook page inbox or on our Twitter handle. Let’s bring about articles that stir constructive debate, that give insight to the challenges we are facing and as well provide solutions to them. We are the future so let’s take part in problem identification and solving.

Once again we thank everyone that contributed to the successful completion of the site, the onus is on you friends to keep it going and improve it in that regard.

Send in the suggestions and comments,they are more than welcome