Three score years ago, a grouping of then rebels representing 13 disgruntled societies convened and drafted a priceless document, a document referred to this day as the Declaration of Independence. This is the document that brought forth a then new country, the vast lands represented in present day by a flag with 13 alternate stripes of Red and White coupled with a Blue background corner square with 50 white stars(The Stars and Stripes).I am particularly intrigued with the 5 courageous men, who took on the authority of the day , to chart a new course, a course they believed in, a course in which by default they were pledging their lives as their actions were treasonous and worthy of a death warrant. What particularly catches my attention is the fact that they did not follow the traditions and expectations of the day. They courageously chose the untried, unchartered waters of what we today call Democracy. If it were to be the majority of us today, I can bet my bottom dollar that we would have taken a "familiar route”. Quoting an unnamed eminent gentleman, “Why reform the undeformed?".Back in the day, monarchical institutions were the order of the day. It would have made perfect sense to install a local Ruler to then do what everyone else was doing. Alas, they had the courage to take a route which only worked in their imagination, believed that future generations would see the logic behind and have the energy to perpetuate that legacy. And verily, so it became.

So, is this a history lesson bent on airbrushing certain ideologies and legacies of past men? Hell no, a thousand times no.I am disturbed by what we have grown to call trends. My day is shaped on what most of the people are doing, thinking or discussing about. God forbid there is actually a trends map on the micro-blogging site Twitter? What has become of the imagination Providence gifted us with? I am appalled when handsome young man and splendid young women have blindly traded the one precious gift that spices our lives. The majority of humanity has chosen to become passive, blind followers and even worse, content to be so? Are our minds out of depth? Really? Since when? I shudder to think of the consequences of such blatant ignorance and total disregard of our imagination. Earlier in the day, a colleague brought to my attention a video about a group of young men engaged in a competition of "game" in a host of settings. What shook me to the core were not the contents of the video but the overwhelming response to that. Such obscene levels of people trying to get tips? Are those the only ways of acquiring female attention? Said by whom? Acceptable to whom? No wonder the increase in people on depression medication. The current generation has in all practical sense abstained from imagining and being creative and have taken a back seat in its own life, preferring Trend to be the driver. Honestly speaking, spare a thought for that one awkward boy who will try stuff not suited to him and then it backfires on him? Imagine what happens to his confidence? It is time to revive the living beings in us, quit being second -rate versions of other people and start living lives tailor -made for us and us only. These shenanigans of the day belong in the non-recyclable dump site of history and should keep there. Redeem the YOU in you, the ME in me