Wherever there is life there is a constant force that drives the mind from day of inception. It makes one stick around even during those moments were it never seemed necessary, a certain element guaranteed relevance, it guaranteed satisfaction. Forever we are struck with the need for present/immediate relevance from various influences within our beings. Do we care to seek relevance in the future or rather pursue things today that will be relevant to us in future, or we are struck by the need for urgent relevance, relevance that temporarily propels us to a false land of glitter.

The desire to accept difference and to embrace change is an investment of guaranteed relevance and satisfaction. Scenarios occur were a degree of confidence is acquired which makes one feel that the right element has been embraced to achieve the desired relevance, this confidence is shattered by a tiny speck of fear and refusal. Occurrences such as these tend to break the barrier of difference between acceptance and refusal tending to give them the same meaning leading to undesirable bouts of confusion. For fear determines our boundaries hence determines that which we embrace to be of relevance to our lives. In as much as fear is natural to our being it must be denied the opportunity to influence the decisions aligned to relevance.

It’s by nature that we find relevance in our fellow beings, but the barriers we have set before us tend to buckle and derail this struggle of relevance. The looks, origins, locations and any other describing word is what we have put ahead as requirements in seeking relevance. Looks are deceiving, so is behavior for behavior is a reaction that follows a prior action, hence a beings behavior cannot be the benchmark to define ones inner being. It’s the inner being that’s relevant; it’s that inner being that will bring about the relevance we so need from our fellow beings. Teach oneself to look inside, seek relevance within not by that which the eye conceives, for the eye may conceive negativity and relevance never dwells in negativity. A heart that is sincere will forever find solace and relevance within itself, self-solace and relevance will transcend through to other spheres, spheres that are prepared to accept difference and embrace change

Smile if you are of relevance to a being and be grateful if you find relevance in other beings, for it’s a blessing that should be cherished.