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What is Winelands Debating League

We are a non-profitable organization focused on enriching the lives of less fortunate school children through Debating, by:

Developing their communication skills in all forms such as presentation, logical reasoning, seamless formation of thoughts as well as promoting their self confidence.
Educating them in current affairs and bringing new perspectives into not only their lives, but also into the lives of those they deal with.

Our Mission

We seek to uplift and give opportunity to all those who show true potential and seek self enrichment. There are many that show such potential in leadership as well as wisdom far beyond their years or socio-political status. We hope to be able to develop these qualities and nurture these children into the future leaders of South Africa.

Winelands Debating League History

The Winelands Debating League was an initiative established in 2010 amongst a group of Stellenbosch University students. WDL emerged as an idea for the combination of debating skills with that of community work, in order to make a difference in the developing high schools in surrounding Stellenbosch. The program was initiated at the beginning of 2011 in the four main high schools: Khayamandi, Makapula, Cloetisville and Luckhoff High school. The first year of operation was a success; teams of students were able to compete in the Western Cape debating provincials at Bishops Boys School; a team of pupils were selected to represent the Road Safety Department of the Western Cape in a tournament held in Durban. This assisted in promoting the WDL project as well as to provide pupils – from developing schools – the opportunity to travel and interact with other pupils from across South Africa. Entering into WDL’s second year, we hope to garner more support and achieve higher avenues for all our pupils that partake.

Transition to Oude Molen

To ensure an ever lasting committment, from committee members and volunteers, WDL has mad a transition to become a part of Oude Molen's MGD project, so that their members will ensure a constant and complete committee, dedicated to the project and it's success.