One Stop Student Volunteer Programme

In recent years more and more students have sought to get involved in meaningful community interaction, giving rise to a new and innovative structure at Matie Community Service. The One-Stop Service at Matie Community Service came into existence through the collaboration of students and staff aiming to provide greater support to student-led volunteer initiatives. This structure provides the out-of-class experience that complete students'holistic development in support of the University's goal to deliver balanced, successful graduates that can impact their societies.

The One Stop Student Volunteer Programme is adding value to producing these graduate attributes, also known as the signature learning development of students, by equipping student leaders with the theoretical knowledge and practical understanding to lead socially responsive community interaction projects. Together with the Frederik van Zyl Slabbert Leadership Institiute, we present accredited short courses in community development that focus on community theory; ethical leadership; and project management. These are followed by practical application, where students run fully fledged community initiatives.

The One Stop Student Volunteer Programme coordinates all student initiatives and assists with service learning placements on campus. We also run a 100 hour challenge that encourages students to log atleast 100 hours of service, reagardless of courserwork requirements. This process has proven very rewarding, as students are able to match what they are passionate about with the community's needs and both parties gain tremendously.


To develop well-rounded thought leaders who have broadened horizons; and who can feed what they have learnt and experienced back into society.


  • To provide a one stop service that offers support to improve student volunteer initiatives within the community
  • To develop leadership around community engagement by providing the best training available, enabling project leaders to deliver excellent service
  • To provide sustainable programmes that operate on best practices at both the Stellenbosch main and Tygerberg medical campuses


Michelle Pietersen                                             
021 808 3643

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