Adult Basic Education and Training

The Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET) programme was launched in 1991 as part of Matie Community Service at Stellenbosch University. Its core objective is to develop the lives of farm workers; illiterate and semi-illiterate adults; the unemployed; people with disabilities and out of school youth through skills development and education. Participants may either focus on improving their schooling through the education programme or take part in the skills development programme.

The education programme runs classes every week where participants are taught according to ABET education levels. They are also prepared for examination and offered career guidance. As part of the skills development programme, participants may choose to do needlework and beading; vegetable gardening; video production; computer literacy or cooking and baking. In addition to the training, participants are taught business skills and showed how to start and market small businesses.


To empower adults in Stellenbosch and surrounding farm areas with literacy, numeracy and skills development


  • To offer growth opportunities to illiterate and inadequately schooled people to develop various skills
  • To offer classes and support to adults and out of school youth who wish to improve their academic qualifications
  • To assist programme participants to realise their potential to earn a decent income and contribute to the South African economy


Linda Jacobs

Tel (021) 808 3644

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