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The Society's vision is to create, foster and develop the art of craftsmanship and entrepreneurship within the context of craft beers and micro-brewing at Stellenbosch University, whilst promoting environmental consciousness, sustainable small-scale entrepreneurship, and a culture of individualism in taste.

The Maties Beer Appreciation Society (MBAS) started with a dream in 2013 by Dale Johnston. With an abundance of societies at the Stellenbosch University, Dale couldn't believe that a craft beer society had not been established. Three years after the original dream, after much planning, meetings and brewing, the Maties Beer Appreciation Society started in January 2016.


Here at MBAS, we try to give beer the respect it deserves by teaching our members more about the brewing and taste of beer, it's all about the appreciation. MBAS started as a society that explores the wide spectrum of Stellenbosch's micro-breweries and the difference between them. With so many around us, it is easy to develop a relationship with the different micro-breweries and enhance our members knowledge about the different types of beer and the brewing of each one.


Because of the abundance of micro-breweries in the cape wine lands area, The Maties Beer Appreciation Society was created to educate young students in the process of micro brewing and to appreciate every beer for its differences. Stellenbosch has a high consumption of beer, especially around the students, and therefor the question about the process of beer brewing was one at many a level.


In the first year we are very proud to announce that the MBAS was the biggest society on campus with about 1700 members, this year we already reached 800 in only the opening weeks.


The future for MBAS is booming and prosperous. With sights of opening a small micro-brewery within the next couple years, run by the society and the Executive Committee. Keep yor eyes on this exciting society for it has a bright future ahead.