The association of catholic tertiary students


committee elections 2009/2010



Dominique Ferraris

B. Accounting

[I have committed] “to ACTS to help with the community service – I would really like to get involved in it.”


“ACTS would be very important to me, it would be as important as my studies. As next year I will be doing Honours, there will be more pressure with my studies, but I would really like to be part of ACTS.”

Natasha Krog

B. Sc. Food Science

[I have committed to ACTS] “to be more involved in the church by making a deeper commitment to God, and hopefully help other people do the same.”


[ACTS would play] “a primary role, alongside my studies.”

Bernard Biermann for chairman

B. A. Geesteswetenskappe met onderwys

“ACTS het die vermoë om mense nader aan Christus te bring, en dis seker die belangrikste taak ter węreld.”


“In my eerstejaar het ek by ACTS aangesluit, en halfpad gedurende my tweedejaar was ek betrokke met die uitvoerendekomitee van ACTS. So ja, dit speel in belangrike rol in my lewe want – dis ’n manier om die Here en Sy Kerk te dien en om ander Katolieke te ontmoet en vriende mee te maak.”

Jodi Lategan

B. Sc. Earth Science

“One learns best when one must serve or teach and so I feel committing to ACTS provides this opportunity.”


[ACTS] “would play an important role in my life. My academics would take priority over ACTS, but not over God and Church. I would fulfil my ACTS admin duties to the best of my ability; dedicating more time to ACTS during non-exam times and possibly slightly less when workloads get heavy and to organise certain events would be in vain as most people would not attend if they too were studying for tests/exams anyway.”

Teresa Wilson

B. Sc. Human Life Sciences

“It’s so important to be active in our faith and to have fellowship as a Catholic community, and I really just want to be involved and share what talents I have to do Gods work wherever He wants me to do it. I want to share my faith as much as I will be receiving and growing.”


“My faith is the centre of my life and gives me direction and stability. I know that through ACTS I will be serving my God, so that would make it a really important to me and something I could have a passion for.”

Clemens Von Doderer

PHD, Agricultural Economics

“Having experienced wonderful times at student mass and with ACTS, I would like to carry on making ACTS and student Mass a wonderful home for all catholic students at Stellenbosch.”


“I would be honoured to be in charge of the social affairs portfolio.”

Arie Van Oosten

B. Civil Engineering

“I want to make a positive contribution to the church and I feel the best way is through ACTS.”


“ACTS would be a very important part of my life. I try to live my life by my religion and although I will also have other commitments, if something needs to be done I will make sure that it is done. I believe in a balance and definitely think there is place for ACTS in my life.”

Tim Van Oosten

B. Civil Engineering

“ACTS stands for what I believe in and it will be one of the ways I can give back to the community.”


“ACTS will play an important role as I believe that once chosen for something one must put one's full heart into it and perform to the best of ones ability. Acts is important to me and I will try my best to fulfil everything that is asked of me and more.”

Jane De Villiers

B. Industrial Engineering

“I am willing to serve my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ and with the opportunity of being on the ACTS Executive Committee I will succeed to do so. I would like to become more involved in the Church and help where I can.”


“I am going to be honest and say that it won’t be my number 1 priority at Stellenbosch. I am studying Industrial Engineering so I have to firstly dedicate my full attention to my course and all the studying it involves. My number one commitment in life is fulfilling my journey of being a devout Catholic and growing in my relationship with God. The administrative parts of ACTS won’t necessarily be at the top of my list but I would like to serve my fellow brothers and sisters to the best of my ability.”




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