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General Information

A major part of the University of Stellenbosch is its 24 University residences. Most of them are on campus in Stellenbosch; two are on the Tygerberg Campus to house students studying Medicine and Dentistry. A third of the students live in the residences; others live in University houses and flats, and in private homes in and around Stellenbosch.

Much of the students' social life revolves around "living on campus". Living on campus allows students to make new friends, experience living in a community and gain independence while having convenient access to classrooms and services.

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The "res" is at the heart of being a Matie. Here's where friendships are formed and strengthened, cultural differences discovered and enjoyed. Here also residents bond in formal and not-so-formal activities and sports competitions.

On the Stellenbosch Campus there are 12 women's residences, 9 men's residences and 1 co-ed residence. Students who are placed in any one of these residences shall be under the supervision of the warden concerned, who in turn shall be assisted by a number of senior students acting as advisors. Residents advisors assist students with a variety of needs, monitor facility security and maintenance, and plan numerous educational and social programmes for students.

Each of the residences have modern laundry facilities and a common "living room" area for socializing, watching TV or just "hanging out". All the women's residences, and some of the men's, also have a communal and/or private lounge area where visitors can be recieved and entertained. Most of the residences boast lovely courtyards and/or gardens for play and relaxation. For a minimal fee students who live in "res" and have personal computers, can connect to the university network from the comfort of their room and have online access to the World Wide Web, Academic information and Library services.

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All residential students are required to have a Meal Plan. When students register at the beginning of the year, every student in residence selects a meal quota of his/her own choice. Meals are served three times a day in the various residence dining halls. Most of the residences also have a tuck shop where snacks, sweets and beverages are sold.

There are four residences (Heemstede, Hombré, Monica and Simonsberg), and two mainly postgraduate university flats, Huis De Villiers and Concordia, which are equipped with facilities for paraplegics. There is also one student house (Sweet Heart) which provides facilities for quadriplegics. Furthermore, continuous efforts are made to increase the accessibility of US-housing for students with disabilities .

Stellenbosch University's residences are committed to creating a campus environment conducive to education, work, student and personal development. As such, the University's alcohol policy states that alcoholic liquor shall not be permitted in University residences/flats/houses, except at approved venues.

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University Houses

University houses (more informally known as "student houses") provide housing to mainly final year or post-graduate students who wish to be more independent, but still want to stay within the campus grounds. The University houses are beautiful old houses with large single or double bedrooms, lounge areas and fully equipped kitchens, as well as a garden with a "braai" area. University houses provide single gender accommodation. Discipline and order is usually the responsiblity of senior student who assumes the position of advisor and warden. Students who live in these "student houses" have to provide for their own meals. There is one student house (Sweet Heart) which provides facilities for quadriplegics. There are 27 university houses scattered around campus.

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University Flats

University flats provide mixed-gender accommodation for mostly post-graduate and/or international students. Students can choose between single- or double bedrooms and share lounge-, kitchen- and bathroom areas with the other students in their section of the flats. A senior student is appointed in each university flat to act as Head Student/Ward. Huis De Villiers and Concordia are equipped with facilities for paraplegics.

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